Privacy Policy

The purpose of this policy is to inform about Garancie standards for the processing of personal data of individuals in the context of its core business activities and always on behalf of its clients; particularly Garancie processes data of individuals with whom its clients do business (hereafter “Subjects”).

This processing is conducted in the light of the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations ((EU) 2016/679), taking into consideration the relevant recommendations made by the Article 29 Working Party (replaced by the European Data Protection Board – EDPB) and current UK legislation (hereafter “Data Protection Legislation”). Garancie is committed to update this Policy in accordance with any modifications, changes, and/or amendments to data protection laws.


Garancie is a data processor in the processing of personal data, whereas Garancie’ s clients could be either the data controller or processor in respect of the services giving place to the processing.

The data controller will retain primary responsibility for complying with the Data Protection Legislation (such as establishing the lawful purpose and means for the processing) and fulfilling Subjects’ rights (e.g. responding to subject data request, notifying data breaches, deleting, or correcting data); whilst Garancie as a data processor will retain the responsibility and obligations for data processors as defined in the Data Protection Legislation. Furthermore, Garancie is committed to provide necessary assistance to the data controller to assure its compliance with their obligations under the Data Protection Legislation.

Collection of data

Our method is to focus on publicly available information, accessing primary source data wherever possible. This includes sources such as media and internet searches, corporate registries, courts and relevant regulatory bodies.

In the course of our work we also collect information from private and government organisations.

International Transfer of Data

We will transfer data abroad where necessary for the purposes of the research required by Garancie’s clients and only to our selected Subcontractors. Where such sub-processing includes the transfer of personal data to countries where the European Commission do not consider they have adequate data protection provision, Garancie: (a) has further entered into EU standard contractual clauses with the Subcontractors; or (b) transfers the Personal Data subject to appropriate safeguards in accordance with the Data Protection Legislation.

Garancie may also disclose personal data of Subjects to individuals and private and government organisations where it is necessary for the purpose of undertaking the aforementioned research in accordance with the agreement of its clients. Garancie will not sell personal data, transfer it to third parties unconnected with the research or use it for marketing purposes.

Security, Technical and Organisational Measures

Garancie uses a secure online database (GARSYS) as well as Microsoft OneDrive for case management.

GARSYS is hosted by Pulsantin a UK based, ISO 27001 certified data centre. Access to the database requires username and strong password. Description of Pulsant’s security measures:

All sites are manned 24×7 by dedicated security teams who, in conjunction with physical security barriers around the perimeter of the site, 24×7 monitored CCTV, access card restricted multi-layer access points, man traps and biometric iris scanners ensure the physical security of the site and our clients’ data is kept secure.

OneDrive – files are hosted in UK data centres. Microsoft OneDrive security and GDPR compliance measures apply.

Exercise of Subjects Rights – DPO

For further enquiries about how we process personal data and to seek for our assistance in exercising your rights as a data subject, contact our Data Protection Officer (DPO) through the Contact Us page or write to us at the following address:

Data Protection Officer,
Garancie Limited,
160 London Road,
Kent TN13 1BT.

Red Flag Due Diligence

Enhanced Due Diligence

Fraud, Investigations, Litigation & Disputes