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Fraud, Investigations, Litigation & Disputes

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Red Flag Due Diligence

Our lean search method on specific risk points allows fast and cost-effective compliance.

Designed for large scale on-boarding or remediation, our Red Flag Due Diligence checks use Primary Source data to validate company details and individuals worldwide. We do not rely on secondary data from credit agencies etc. Garancie sources and corroborates information from original government registries.

Whether it’s confirmation of company registration, partnership ownership etc you get the official registry trail – no shortcuts.

Garancie’s approach eliminates data quality risk, avoids missing management or ownership changes, and means your document trail is audit and regulator proof.

Our Red Flag Due Diligence searches focus only on specific risk points for fast, cost-effective compliance.

red flag due diligence

What’s Included?

Our checks depend on the disclosures required by law in your required region and typically include:
  • Company Registration details
  • Directors and Shareholders of a legal vehicle
  • Litigation checks (defendant only)
  • Regulatory checks for regulated companies
  • Tax Debtor and Bankruptcy checks
  • Media and internet research in English and local languages (based on financial crime “Red Flags” search method)
  • OFAC, EU and local governmental Sanctions Lists
  • Political Exposure checks
  • Criminal Record and Terrorist Group Membership.

Accurate and complete information – no matter the subject, industry, or jurisdiction. We are here to support you.

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Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD)

Our industry leading investigation methodology provides a fully cited, auditable Due Diligence overview of all the relevant governmental disclosures relating to companies and individuals within our range of specific country searches.

Garancie Enhanced Due Diligence is a more thorough regulatory, financial, and legal due diligence search that goes beyond the Red Flags and includes comprehensive media and Internet searches.

enhanced due diligence

What’s Included?

Searches differ by country, based on the legal disclosure requirements in each jurisdiction. With EDD Garancie maximise the research capabilities for each case.
  • Company Registration details
  • Directors and Shareholders of a legal vehicle and Ultimate Beneficial Ownership, where available
  • Litigation checks (defendant, respondent and third party)
  • Regulatory checks for regulated companies, including licenses, fines and disbarment information.
  • Tax Debtor and Bankruptcy checks for legal and physical subjects.
  • Comprehensive Media and internet research in English and other relevant local languages
  • OFAC, EU and local governmental Sanctions Lists
  • Political Exposure, including indirect and overt.
  • Criminal Record and Terrorist Group Membership.

Talk to our experts about your scope and countries – we are happy to advise.

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Fraud, Investigations, Litigation & Disputes

We trace and return assets to fraud victims, support complex investigations, assist expert witnesses, and law firms by providing a documented evidence trail that may be used in legal proceedings.

We piece together links between companies, people, advisors, and locations, based on publicly made disclosures in the most unexpected domains and most difficult jurisdictions.

Fraud, Investigations, Litigation & Disputes

Here to Support You

We examine public disclosure documents and registry entries to help defence teams piece together cases of reasonable doubt against the prosecution or other sides in legal disputes.

Whether fraud related asset recovery, asset tracing, matrimonial or commercial disputes, Garancie has public record search capabilities for your individual circumstances.